Managing Health and Safety – What You Need to Know

Every working environment has a certain number of potential hazards, which is why it is so important for supervisors and managers to be aware of these risks and to safeguard the well-being of their employees. The supervisor or manager in a workplace has a responsibility to ensure that all employees are protected from any risks… Read more »

Health and Safety for Managers – An Important Responsibility

All employers have a duty to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of their employees at work, as well as all other people in the workplace. If you are a manager, supervisor or are otherwise in a position of authority – you must ensure that the workplace is safe and that the proper… Read more »

Anticipating Danger – Risk Assessment Training for Managers

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, performing a risk assessment is one of the most important steps that managers will need to take. A risk assessment involves taking a close look at the workplace and the current procedures and identifying where potential risks might exist. Why is a Risk Assessment Necessary?… Read more »

Why the IOSH Managing Safely Course Is So Valuable

No matter what industry you work in, whether it is aviation, construction, welding, mining or anything else, the IOSH Managing Safely Course is highly beneficial to the success of your company. It is the duty of the manager to protect the health and safety of their employees and anyone else that might be impacted by… Read more »

Why Risk Assessments Are So Important to Health and Safety

One of the major pointers covered in health and safety courses is risk assessments – what they are and how to perform them correctly. Risk assessments are one of the most important aspects of health and safety and they are essential for a secure and safe workplace. A risk assessment is simply a very careful examination that… Read more »